M​.​S​.​G To Rudy

by Phat Meegz

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released April 20, 2009

thanx to weezy, johnny adams, crystal meth



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Phat Meegz Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Phat Meegz
gettin back from a hard days school
when yr not really trying mostly playin the fool
beat yr head against the desk
till the teachers voice fades
and wish that yr dick hung
lower than yr grades
try not to overthink and stay
watchful like a sentinel
i can assure it leaves you bluer
than an overdose on fentanyl
try not to blow yr cover
when yr workin incognito
keep it wrapped up in yr jacket
like a microwave burrito
get home and your friends
are so high they're seeing lizards
and some dumb punk is getting
soysauce on the chop scissors
and when ya ask,
"can ya pass the scissors back please?"
you gotta wait
cause they're cookin up some phat meegz

well i havent got a girlfriend
but desktop image folder
is so goddamn full of x-files
it puts shame to agent mulder
im hoping that this lifestyle
sees me live past 25
and im trying to learn to live
like im learning how to drive
pickin up speed,
like im living with the brakes off
avoiding crashes like i'm running
apple macintosh
you could live in moderation
and try to see where that leads
or savour every second
like a double pack of phat meegs
Track Name: Quitting Drugs
when i left all alone
sittin on that plane
and i said to ya girl
ill be back again

well i lost a lotta time
think i went insane
but my heart still jumps
when i hear your name

when i think of you
think of surf and sand
and your mothers car
when i held your hand

and we drove for hours
through the tropical storms
and i slept by your pool
where the air was warm

and i miss that i miss
that i miss you now
and i think that im thinking
my thoughts out loud

now i know i cant go back
to your room with the posters
on the wall
now i cant make amends
cause the only fair move
is to make no move at all
and all of the shit that i put you thru
i just hope you dont think
it was underhanded
cause i swear no one knows
just what they do
when their stuck in a rut
taking things for granted

she said what are you drinking
all that rum for
when i close my eyes
she remind me of summer
and i need to forget
cause now its winter
and these days im livin
inside my jumper
and i love all the things
that i dont regret
all the things that i done
and i havent yet
Track Name: Pay to Live
water bills late
rent still unpaid
clauses have changed
since the deal was made
scraping a living
wage slavery theft
it's taking its toll
their taking whats left

there are some things
that you cant make us give
you cant make us die
but we pay to live

burn all the flags
and forsake the nation
we get diseased
can't afford medication
pressures on us
and if we should fail
the choice is starvation
or decay in jail