Everyone Goes To Melbourne

by Phat Meegz

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don't act like everyone you love hasn't moved there too.

Physical release and possibly 7" coming soon.


released March 29, 2013

Recorded December 2012 at Red Planet Studios.
Recording by Nic White,
Mastering by Cameron Birt
Additional guitars by Jacob Thomas



all rights reserved


Phat Meegz Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Art Mag
I hate this fucking place,
Everyone is so uncultured,
No one in this fucking town
Has any sense of class
Take me where the eggs are poached
And all the city air is smoke
And every fucking wanker
Has an art show coming up

I wanna find a brand new scene
I wanna wipe my record clean
I wanna live the Tassie dream
And write for Frankie Magazine

I wanna move to Melbourne
Wanna start an Art Mag
Wanna get a side-cut

I wanna move to Melbourne
Wanna start a Streetpress
Wanna get a side-cut
Track Name: Tom Lawson
Living is hard
still smoke blunts with broke cunts
I'm stickin to ska
if this what happened to folk punk
Cause I'm still that young
and I'm still that dumb
And I won't become
what you've become
I just hope I fucking stop
before I take this shit for granted
Either die young like Op Ivy
or you live until you're Rancid
Fuck being professional
I wanna play sedated
Get high or try dying,
fucking stay medicated

Fuck yeah.

Still trying to turn my lights off
I'm not willing and able
Minimize my loss and
tie off with the auxiliary cable
Trying not to vomit off the bottles
i bring to the table
Pray my tolerance
low enough for this to be fatal
Haven't even had a doctor
tell me that I'm wrong yet
So every night for dinner
pop a vali and a longneck
Blast more shards than a
china-shop bullfight
Past the litre mark
but I'm the cask half full type

(Fuck yeah)